Memory of Nation


Memory of Nations Awards 2014


 The Memory of Nations Awards have been presented annually since 2010 by the Post Bellum civic association and its partners.

The awards are presented to individuals who experienced some of the turning point events of the last century first hand, and whose actions help to prove that honour, freedom, and human dignity are not just empty words.

The twenty individuals who have received this award in the past include veterans, dissidents, political prisoners, and Holocaust survivors, who, at some point in their lives, found the courage to stand up against evil and to help others. The nominees are selected by historians, journalists, and researchers from amongst the records stored in the international Memory of Nations archive of witnesses’ recollections, which Post Bellum started in 2001.

2014 is the first year that the Memory of Nations Awards event is taking on an international character. The nominees include twenty individuals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, and Poland, five of whom will receive an award. As a reminder of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of communism in Central Europe, the common factor uniting all of the nominees is their experience living. 

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