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Memory of Nations Awards

Twenty persons from the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia have been nominated for the prestigious European Memory of Nations Awards. Until the end of october, the public shall also decide on the winners. More information here.



Iron Curtain Stories

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Iron Curtain, which was the "fence" that divided Europe and hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants during the Cold War.  Memory of Nations has created a mobile application entitled "Memory of Nations Sites," in which smartphone users can research specific places, witness accounts, texts, and archival materials based on their location or historical interests.  Specifically relating to the Iron Curtain, Memory of Nations has collected hundreds of stories and descriptions of places affected by the division.  The app is free of charge, and is available through Android and iOS operating systems.  This project was made possible with the kind support of the Europe for Citizens Program, the International Visegrad Fund, and the Czech-German Future Fund.  More information is available at