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František Kinský (1947)

  František Kinský (1947)
"Ours is a society without positive role models. Until that changes, the problems are here to stay."

When Granddad was in his greatest need, people would secretly bring him food

“The people in Kostelec ‘spat’ at him, and this made him all unhappy because, as he said: ‘I haven’t done them any wrong.’ And at the time my father’s eldest brother said: ‘Wait until you’ll have nothing left, everything will change.’ And the moment that happened, as if by the swish of a magic wand, everyone started being very respectful to him, everyone called Count, everyone in Kostelec from the oldest to the youngest would greet him. And when things got really bad because they didn’t have anything at all, people would secretly bring them food. Either they were afraid that someone would see them, or they didn’t care for gratitude, so they would leave it on the window ledge or some place.”

  • Born December 1947 in Hradec Králové.
  • Descendant of an old Czech aristocratic family, full name Maria František Jan Emanuel Sylvestr Alfons, Count Kinský of Vchynice and Tetov.
  • His grandfather František Josef Kinský led a delegation of Czech aristocrats to President Beneš in September 1938.
  • His father was the director of a paint factory in Košeca in Slovakia.
  • After February 1948, his father stood trial on fabricated charges and convicted of sedition, interned in the forced labour camps of the Jáchymov uranium mines.
  • The witness attended the Secondary Technical School of Construction in Prague.
  • Began studying journalism at Charles University, but did not finish his degree.
  • During Prague Spring and the subsequent 1968 invasion, began compulsory military service.
  • Employed at Czechoslovak Television.
  • Worked as a construction engineer at Kovoprojekt.
  • From 1980 worked in advertising at Merkur.
  • After 1989, employed as the creative director of Ammirati Puris Lintas and Ogilvy & Mather.
  • Since 2004, manages the family estate, undertook the rebuilding of the stately home in Kostelec nad Orlicí.
  • An active businessman, companies Písník Kinský and Cihelny Kinský.
  • Since 2010, active in local politics.
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