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Petra Erbanová, roz. Šoršová (1948)

 Petra Erbanová, roz. Šoršová (1948)
My leg went slack like a rag when the bullet hit me

Hit in the calf by a sub-machine gun

“At first I didn’t even pay any attention to it because I was trying to stand up, and my friend and I wanted to run and shelter in the dentistry [the dental practice where the witness worked - ed.], but suddenly I fell down again. I looked at my leg, because I felt something warm on it, and I saw the blood gushing out. And seeing that I later found out that they had shot through the primary nerve in my leg, that was why I didn’t feel much pain. Not until when they treated it, X-rayed it, stitched it up, that hurt a bit, of course, because all the secondary nerves were working, even though the primary one had been damaged. But during the X-ray in hospital I discovered... the doctors thought there wasn’t anything in the wound, so they just cleaned it and told me they’d send me for an X-ray. And there they found that the whole bullet was lodged in my knee. So they operated me later that night.”

  • born 31 May 1948 in Liberec
  • studied at a secondary medical school in Ústí nad Labem
  • 21 August 1968, shot in the leg by a soldier of the occupying Warsaw Pact forces in the centre of Liberec
  • memories of Communist totalitarianism and the revolution in 1989
  • late 1980s to early 1990s, profession teacher at a vocational school in Frýdlant
  • since 1995, works at a safe house for men in Liberec
  • as of 2017, lives in Liberec
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