Memory of Nation


Jiří Král (1934)

 Jiří  Král (1934)
I carried the stigma of religiousness my whole life

Deported from the border region

“In 1938, when the border region was occupied and Ordners [Sudeten German paramilitary - trans.] were already wreaking havoc in Varnsdorf, Dad was first notified that he should send me and Mum inland, that the Ordners would be coming, because they’d done various provocations there beforehand, coming over from Germany as well. The chairman of the district office had Dad arrested again, and like in other places in Bohemia or other Czech officials, he was taken to Dresden, or actually Magdeburg, where they were interned in the Crystal Palace until the beginning of December.”

  • born 1934 in Varnsdorf
  • 1938, family deported from the border region
  • 1945, joins the Scout movement
  • 1967, ecumenical trip to Taizé, France
  • 1969, leads a Scout troop in Mladá Boleslav
  • 1970, forced to dissolve the troop
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