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Vladislav Rejsa (1926)

 Vladislav Rejsa (1926)
We were like convicts there

Joining the Red Army

“Our camp was liberated by a Red tank army under Rybalko on 23 April 1945. The unit that liberated us, well, the way it is on the front, they were lacking numbers. So they took us young boys into the army. It was voluntary, so about eighty of us went. They gave us uniforms, four days of training, they showed us how to use a sub-machine gun and a grenade, and they put us in with the tank brigade as paratroopers [sic].”

  • born 1 May 1926 in Volhynia in the former Soviet Union
  • 1942-1945, forced labour in Germany
  • served in the Red Army for five years
  • 1947, his parents remigrated to Czechoslovakia
  • 1960, he and his wife moved to Czechoslovakia
  • as of 2017, lives in Chodov
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