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Mgr. Eva Sirotková-Franklin (1934)

Mgr. Eva Sirotková-Franklin (1934)
I didn’t feel sad at all for leaving America

Emigration in 1967

“I managed to take that speech of Ludvík Vaculík from the Congress of Writers in 1967 with me. It was very long and I had a copy hidden in my suitcase with a double bottom. I brought it to Deutsche Welle (a German radio station), because the gentleman in whose place we stayed was from Düren and it was too far from Radio Free Europe. He thus took me to Deutsche Welle instead. There they told me that they would need me to read it out loud into the microphone, because they only had announcers there and they would not be able to read such a long text properly. They promised that they would not mention my name. I thus recorded it and they offered me to work for them. But I could not sign any contracts because we wanted to go on to America and I wanted to get my son from Czechoslovakia there. I was afraid that this would complicate the matter.”

  • born February 15, 1934 in central Ural in the village Gubakha to Czech parents Karel and Štěpánka Sirotek
  • the Sirotek family returned from Russia immediately before the outbreak of the Second World War
  • her father supported the ideals of communism and he joined the Communist Party
  • her uncle Emil Sirotek was executed by the Nazis in 1944 for his activity in the anti-Nazi resistance movement
  • the Sirotek family relocated to Karlovy Vary after the war
  • Karel Sirotek worked in the mines in Jáchymov
  • in 1950 he was unjustly accused of sabotage and imprisoned for three years
  • her father remained a loyal communist until 1968
  • Eva Sirotková graduated from grammar school in 1952
  • in spite of her unfavorable personal-political profile she was admitted to the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) thanks to help from Radovan Lukavský
  • actress in the Regional Theatre in Karlovy Vary
  • one-year engagement in the State Theatre in Brno
  • 1961-1967 actress in the National Theatre in Prague
  • in 1967 emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany with her husband Ivan Francuch
  • cooperation with the radio station Deutsche Welle
  • they moved to the USA in 1968
  • got reunited with her twelve-year-old son Tomáš in the USA in 1969
  • graduated from psychotherapy in the USA, worked in this profession until 1991
  • returned to the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 with her third partner Antonín Hodek
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