Memory of Nation


Eva Dědková (1936)

  Eva Dědková (1936)
For a child war was a kind of a gloomy period

Prague air raids

“So I remember, that my parents were sadder and sadder, my mum used to cry, as the time of air raids began and moreover, my little brother was born. He was six years younger than me so I was happy to have a baby brother, but my parents had even more worries. And I know that when the air raids took place and the sirens went off, my mum shouted: ‚Come on, children, we have to go down the cellar.‘ Whether it was in the afternoon, in the morning or even at night. The worst thing was at night they had to dress us in warm underwear to get eventually ready to leave the house and stay somewhere safe in case of bombing.“

  • born in 1936 in Brno
  • during war she lived in Prague, where she experienced air-raids several times
  • studied the middle school of pedagogics in Brno
  • after finishing school in 1956 she got married and moved to Karlovy Vary
  • husband played hobo and English horn in the Karlovy Vary orchestra
  • apart from the time she spent with her children on maternity leave she taught all her life and worked with children
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