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Jevdokie Kepková (1922)

  Jevdokie Kepková (1922)
For a long time I didn't believe that the Germans had killed my husband

I was pregnant - and they wanted to take me in the army

“When the war broke out I was pregnant for six months. I was summoned to the military administration. I told them I was in my sixth month of pregnancy and they replied, ‘Well, it doesn’t show’. I said to myself: ‘It doesn’t matter. You can go home and when you give birth, we’ll come for you.’ So I stayed home. But the feldshar and the nurse left and did not return, they were conscripted straightaway. This was the way it was. And I returned home. Then the war broke out. In a month I started seeing huge blazes on the horizon, there were fires. The newspapers said that our soldiers fought like lions, but the Germans kept advancing and our soldiers kept retreating.”

  • Born on March 1922, in Boliki, Russia
  • Her family owned a farm, seized during the collectivisation
  • She worked in a kolkhoz
  • Became a midwife
  • The area where she left during WWII was occupied by the German Army
  • The soldiers executed her husband, she was left alone with a child
  • She worked as a nurse in a hospital for the German Army
  • She fled with German soldiers from the approaching front
  • The Germans took her to Augsburg through Italy
  • She was assigned to a maternity hospital
  • She survived air raids on Augsburg
  • She met a Czech and settled near the Czech-German border after the war
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