Memory of Nation


Doc.,JUDr. Václav Mezřický

Doc.,JUDr. Václav  Mezřický
The environment was a destablizing factor for the communist regime

Destabilizing factor of the communist regime

"We haven't spoken to the broad public. Ever. A sociological survey would have crossed the border and put into jeopardy our existence and our goal of a complex analysis of the state of environment in the country. I have one important thing to add here: From the very first moment I considered environmental issues to be a destabilizing factor for the communist regime. It was clear to me that as soon as the fallacy of eternal abundance of everything for everyone was exposed, along with restrictions due to the limits to growth, it would put the regime into a very awkward ideological situation."

  • born on 11 November 1934 in Kolín
  • 1953 began studying law in Prague
  • 1958 didn't pass cadre vetting; had to suspend studies for two years
  • 1965 left the Bar
  • 1966 his brother emigrated to the West
  • 1968-1969 secretary of the prosecutor general Miloš Čeřovský
  • 1969-1989 worked in the Institute of State and Law of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
  • 1978 founding member of the Environmental Division of the Academy of Sciences
  • 1990 first deputy to the Minister of Environment
  • since 1991 lectured globalization and global problems at Charles University
  • 2007-2008 secretary general of Czech Constitutional Court
  • renowned author on globalization; lecturer at prestigious foreign universities
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