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Antonín Otta (1928)

  Antonín Otta (1928)
They released me in a flash. In exactly two years

Attempted prisoner escape from Vykmanov

“There was an escape attempt there. From Vykmanov Camp. Of course, it flopped, it wasn’t good at all. They were waiting for them to climb through, they had floodlights trained on the spot where they would come out. Well, and then they started shooting without [warning]. The camp had roll call at two in the night, or one, to get us out into the air a bit. Well, and there were three that they’d killed, they carried them about outside the camp. ‘This is what happens when you try to escape.’ Well, that wasn’t good.”

  • born 1928 in Jičín District
  • after the war, he and his family moved to Sedlečko near Karlovy Vary
  • 1949, accused of organising sedition
  • persistently denied all accusations and had never seen his alleged colleagues in crime until the trial
  • tried in Prague and sentenced to fifteen years of prison
  • spent several months in Jáchymov, was not permitted to work in the mines based on a medical check
  • two years later his case was reopened and the court cleared him of the charges
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