Memory of Nation


Ervín Šolc (1927)

  Ervín Šolc (1927)
For a long time I did not know, if I was German or Czech, and only for my personal experience in prison I realised I was German

Italian partisans´ capture

“I still (was – editor ´s note) with another friend from here. Sadly he also died. As we were standing and on the opposite side there was an execution commando. Just to give an order and it was done. And a certain American lieutenant, I guess he was a sergeant, a real big lad, he stopped walking past us. We were also slowing the traffic as we were standing transversely. He said: ‚What is happening here?‘ One of our boys could speak English well, so he explained what was going on. He had his machine-gun in the back, so he turned it around and took it in his hands and pointed at Italians, saying: ‚Go on, go on.‘ That was already past war, when we threw our guns away, and we were lucky not to get shot dead there.“

  • born on 24 July, 1927 in Liberec
  • comes from a mixed German-Czech marriage
  • joined the Hitlerjugend
  • on 3rd January, 1945 joined the Wehrmacht
  • since 23rd February, 1945 served in Italy at 114th hunter´s division as a machine-gun shooter
  • active against the partisans, arrested by American soldiers in the lowland of the river Pád, went to prisoner´s camps in Bologne, Livorno and Naples
  • 1947 returned to Czechoslovakia, illegally crossed the borders at Žitava
  • worked as a legal clerk, accountant and in woodworking industry, and then at the regional administration of manufacture cooperatives in Liberec
  • in 1968 fired from his post and worked as economist
  • worked in the Council for national minorities and a long-term chairman of the Liberec German Association
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