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Irena Králová (1968)

  Irena Králová (1968)
I won’t turn back in life, I have to keep looking forward

Her parents’ reaction to her emigration

“Dad didn’t communicate with me at all, he wanted to take an axe to me because I had ruined his career plan to reach the post of supreme court judge. Mum also lost some of her powers, so she didn’t like me either... but a year later they let her visit me to try and persuade me to come back. Except if I had returned, I’d have had to spend five years in prison. And thus, at least as Mum explained it to me, if I returned and served my sentence, just because I had decided to live in another country... All would be forgotten for [my parents] and Dad would be able to build his career again. It’s very hard to talk about it. So my parents did something different, Mum visited me, she had a wonderful one-week holiday in the Netherlands, and then she went back and what they did was that they disowned me. The officially disowned me, that they had no daughter, and thus they saved their careers.”

  • born 13 November 1968 in Prague
  • played volleyball for the national team of Czechoslovakia
  • August 1988, emigrated to the Netherlands
  • her parents officially disowned her to save their careers
  • played for the Dutch national team
  • won a silver medal at the European championship in 1991 and a gold at the European championship in 1995
  • participated in the Olympic Games in Barcelona and Atlanta
  • returned to the Czech Republic
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