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Olga Mauleová (1925)

 Olga Mauleová (1925)
One time we entered a village with horses and sleighs, recon hadn’t found anything, and when we entered the village, they started shooting at us

Shooting at partisans

“So we set out across the fields to the village at midnight, the snow up to our knees. When we entered the village, we suddenly came under fire from the Germans. The horses turned on the road and started [running - ed.] back to the forest. They kept shooting at us - it was probably just a patrol because they only had incendiary bullets. We only saw little lights. And we rode into the forest, so no one was hurt, there were no injuries, nothing. I don’t know, I didn’t [pay attention - ed.] to where we went afterwards. Brest-Litovsk was surrounded by swamps, that was terrible.”

  • born 19 October 1925 in Jedvaniny near Plužno in the former Soviet Union
  • 12 February 1943 - 9 March 1943, served as a scout and messenger for the Sidora Kovpaka partisan troop
  • 10 March 1943 - 2 January 1944, active in the Mikhailov-Odukha partisan troop
  • 3 January 1944 - 25 May 1944, active in the Zarodina-Šiška partisan troop
  • helped liberate the towns of Ostrog, Lutsk, Volodomyr-Volynski, and Kovel
  • 1947, remigrated to Czechoslovakia, settled down in Kladruby near Stříbro
  • worked at a textile plant in Stříbro and in a costume jewellery shop in Terezín
  • as of 2017, lives with her husband in Kladno
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