Memory of Nation


Marie Tykalová (1931)

  Marie  Tykalová (1931)
When an idea becomes a state ideology, it loses almost all its ideals

“Communist” mother

“So we lived in Radlice, and actually, [I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother - ed.]... Look, I don’t hold it against her, because my father was great. Mum was first and foremost a CPC functionary. You see, the part was something completely different during the First Republic. I don’t exactly know why it is that when an idea becomes a state ideology, it loses almost all of its ideals. And the Communist Party managed that terrifically.”

  • born 26 January 1931 in Radlice near Prague
  • her mother was an ardent member of the Communist Party
  • 1943, Marie took part in the Communist resistance
  • distributed anti-Nazi leaflets
  • after the war, completed a secondary technical school and worked at a vocational school
  • later expelled from the Communist Party
  • worked as a street cleaner
  • as of 2017, lives in Prague
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