Memory of Nation


Ivan Lamper (1957)

  Ivan Lamper (1957)
An attempt at normal journalism

Sense of samizdat

"From the perspective of a seventeen-year-old today, it is of course rubbish to try and publish samizdat. But back then, these were times when just transcribing a text such as a book, in ten copies - which today seems a laughable number - made sense, as long as such texts were officially unavailable."

  • born in 1957 in Pardubice; grew up in Zlín
  • graduated from grammar school and did one semester of University of Economics
  • up until 1989 worked in blue-collar jobs
  • 1983 signed Charter 77; in 1985 took part in the creation of the samizdat magazine Jednou nohou (later renamed to Revolver Revue); in 1989 co-founded samizdat magazine Sport; after 17 November 1989 co-founded Informační centrum
  • 1990 co-founder and first editor in chief of Respekt magazine (up until 1994) where he later stayed as an editor
  • 1991 awarded the prize Editor of the Year by World Press Review
  • 1996 published the book Last Week: from 1992 Elections till 1996 Elections or the History of Our Present
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