Memory of Nation


Zdeněk Mandrholec (1930)

  Zdeněk Mandrholec (1930)
After the communist coup, I believed the Americans would come and liberate us

Loss of freedom

"We came to work to find out that there was a strike. People were told they had to support the Communist Party. We said that it was bullshit and that we wouldn't have them fool us like that. In 1945 we were very excited about regaining freedom and were looking forwards to the great times ahead. And suddenly, it was all over. That was the reason. These were times when we considered freedom as something that was given to us. We thought we could live freely, talk freely and do whatever we wanted. Obviously, to do that responsibly."

  • born on 1 April 1930 in Přerov
  • following father's death, the family had to move from a company apartment
  • along with mother and sister moved to western Bohemia
  • after finishing business school worked in a woll combing factory in Nejdek
  • disagreed with the 1948 communist coup
  • during military service along with colleagues prepared himself to fight the communists
  • their group was uncovered and in 1953 he was arrested
  • sentenced to ten years for high treason
  • spent six and a half years working at uranium mines in Jáchymov
  • released on amnesty in 1960
  • up until retirement worked in road construction
  • only after 1989 found out who turned the group in
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