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Matej Valocký (1925)

 Matej Valocký (1925)
So that you lived better life than we did

Joining the Slovak National Uprising

“I was born on February 18, 1925 in Belá. I come from a big family of ten children, whereas I was the eldest. We were four brothers and six girls. After the elementary school, until March 1944 I was apprenticed in a car repair shop in Martin. I worked in this company until the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising on August 28. There was a general mobilization declared in Martin, so all six employees enlisted into the Martin military barracks. The boss lent me a motorcycle to go to Belá and tell my father I was joining the Uprising. And the father agreed.”

  • born on February 18, 1925 in Belá
  • since 1941 he was apprenticed in a car repair shop in Martin, where partisans got their cars repaired
  • on August 28, 1944 after declaring the general mobilization, he along with all members of the shop joined the army, siding with the Slovak National Uprising
  • marching through the mountains and fighting the German troops
  • as a prisoner of war he was taken to German labor camps Altengrabow, Stalag 11 A, and Weidenberg
  • after being liberated and coming back to Slovakia he returned to work at the car repair shop in Martin
  • since 1948 he lives with his wife in Košťany nad Turcom; they have one son and two daughters
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