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Sebastián Košút (1941)

 Sebastián Košút (1941)
Talk, if you have something to say

Arrest and interrogation

“They were interrogating us, but each one individually. As I found out, they detained at the same time more than a thousand people in the whole Poland. That´s how it was organized. My brothers were there, too. So we ended up in the prison and they interrogated us day and night. Nonstop. Practically said, one became so dull after such a time that he felt half-dumb. During the first nights they didn´t even let us sleep. However, I knew I didn´t have any official function there. I only gave those people opportunity to live there, perform, gather, etc.”

  • born on November 16, 1941 in Čierna Hora (pol. Czarna Góra)
  • 1965 he was ordained a priest in Warsaw
  • imprisoned in years 1969 – 1970 as an organizer of an anticommunist movement
  • during the normalization era he emigrated to Italy
  • 1987 – meeting the later tortured priest Štefan Polák
  • in years 1980 – 1990 he was a secretary of the exiled bishop Pavol Hnilica in Rome
  • 1990 – 2013 – a chaplain and later also a priest in an Italian village Marano Equo
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