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Juraj Pollák (1924)

 Juraj Pollák (1924)
I was lucky to experience great coincidences to my advantage

Circumstances of his sister´s and brother-in-law´s death

“From August 28th to 29th 1944 there was an outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising. I told my family we had to disappear somewhere, since I already had my previous experiences from Hungary. I was the youngest member of our family, but I also had a sister. She was three years and my brother was eight years older than me. My sister, since she was already married, didn´t live with us anymore. At night I went to ask her whether they´d like to join us, but I couldn´t get inside of their house. They lived in a tall building, that was locked down at the entrance. The time was running and I knew that Germans were going to take over Žilina in the morning. So we all ran away towards the insurgents´ territory. My sister didn´t make it on time. She and her husband died, they were executed. And we skedaddled down to Banská Bystrica.”

  • born on July 15, 1924 in Žilina
  • since being seven years old he attended the Jewish elementary school, later studied at the middle school
  • after the Slovak State was established and the so-called Jewish Code was adopted, he wasn´t allowed to study on, thus he got employed as a worker in a mechanical engineering company
  • at the end of 1943 he joined an underground movement
  • after being revealed later in 1943, he ran to Budapest in January 1944
  • in summer 1944, after the escape from the so-called Kastner´s train he got back to Slovakia
  • after the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising was he and his family hiding in central Slovakia
  • after the war he engaged himself in professional motorcycle riding
  • in 1968 he emigrated into Austria and then to the USA
  • he returned home during the beginnings of normalization era
  • when he came back from emigration, he worked in a car repair shop and later in Mototranse Žilina
  • he has been retired since 1984
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