Memory of Nation


Jozef Sollár (1930)

 Jozef Sollár (1930)
To live a decent life


“I was in the military service for one year and yet afterwards my father had been liquidated. He managed to harvest by himself, the granary was full when the police came. One of the state security members talked to my father and said: ʻLet´s go on the road, on the street.’ They came there, the first car coming stopped, my father got on and was arrested. And the workers of the cooperative were already waiting there, since they were arranged to feed the horses and cows. They took the whole harvest. The corn and mangel-wurzel were still on the field when they began to crop it. As the first car stopped, the policeman came, took my father and said: ʻLet´s go to the prosecutor.’ And there they arrested him.”

  • born on February 13, 1930 in Lehota
  • studied to become a machine fitter
  • 1950 enlisted in the military service
  • 1951 the family homestead of Sollár family became a part of the joint agricultural cooperative
  • 1950-1954 worked as a miner in PTP camp in Petřvald
  • 1954 released into civilian life
  • retired in 1990
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