Memory of Nation


Ondrej Kizek (1926)

 Ondrej  Kizek  (1926)
I chose my journey freely, despite the times lacked freedom

Memory of captured envoy of the city tortured by partisans (1944)

“We couldn´t stay there any longer, so for about three nights we fled further and further from the city. Then a signal came from the municipality. It was an engineer Surový. He was a negotiator at the municipal authorities. Bearing a white flag he headed out into mountains to bring those people home, so that they didn´t hide in those woods anymore. However, he was a very convinced member of the Hlinka´s Slovak People´s Party. Most of the time I was with my sisters. I don´t even know if there was any other man or boy except me. We marched in a crowd of women moving from the mountains into the city. We met the parliamentary negotiator, who was by the time captured and led by partisans. Afterwards they really awfully tortured him to death.”

  • born on November 6, 1926 in Ružomberok
  • attended elementary school and grammar school in Ružomberok
  • during the Slovak National Uprising along with his family he was in hiding from Germans in the woods
  • 1945 – 1950 studied philosophy and Russian language at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava
  • as a faithful young man he was influenced by the teaching and activity of Tomislav Kolakovič
  • in 1953 he was arrested and detained for 6 days at a remand centre for religious reasons
  • he suffered from various denunciations and was under surveillance of the state authorities
  • since 1986 he lives retired in Ružomberok
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