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Libuše Šedinová (1936)

  Libuše  Šedinová (1936)
I live to the extent to which I am of benefit to others


“The year forty-four came, that was the Heydrich Repressions, and this one incident happened to me, that I was kidnapped. I was kidnapped by a seventeen-year-old girl. We left Vyškov, where I had been born, and she took me to Brno. She herself was not of age yet, and she was later sentenced to 2.5 years for the kidnapping. It must be said that it was during the Heydrich Repressions, in other words, everyone who accommodated us was basically risking being shot. When there was an air raid, the flats were empty, and we weren’t allowed into the cellar because we were not in evidence, so she had free reign then.”

  • born 1 May 1936 as Libuše Skácelová
  • aged 8, briefly kidnapped
  • witnessed the bombing of Vyškov at the end of WW2
  • 1950s, her fiancé was arrested and condemned in a show trial
  • worked in technical professions
  • lives in Prague
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