Gusztáv Nagy (1953)

  Gusztáv Nagy (1953)
I'm trying to give you the thirst for knowledge

Gypsy travelers

In my childhood, we lived a classical Gypsy way of life. We wandered. Until the beginning of school, I went with my uncle from village to village. Between 1956 and 1957 there was a farming life in Békés county, there were a lot of farms where we often traveled to. We rode a horse drawn carriage. And I knew almost every big tree, bushe on the way and all the places where we could camp. Then everywhere we were welcomed with good heart. We were not only welcomed but the people were waiting for us. The reason was that my dad and uncle were drill maker masters. The hand drill had a very big role at that time. They could make huge drill bits and also very tiny ones. So we went to the farms and met on the roads with different gypsy gangs. And I heard and learned a lot from them.

  • 1953 was born to gipsy parents.
  • 1967 completed elementary school
  • 1967 a few months in a high school
  • 1967–1973 loitering in the country
  • 1973–1975 served military service
  • 1975–1983 semi-skilled workers, stockholder
  • 1983 moved to Budapest
  • 1986–1997 journalist (Romano Nyévipe, Amaro Drom, Kethano Drom)
  • 1994– teacher teacher of the Gypsy language (Kalyi Jag School, János Wesley Theological College)
  • 1994–1996 translated one of the most famous Hungarian drama into Gypsy language. (Le Manushli Tragédia)
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