János Joka Daróczi (1962)

 János Joka Daróczi  (1962)
"I am so Hungarian as well as a Gypsy"

Childhood in a multiethnic village

I was born in Hajdú-Bihar county, on the Romanian border, maybe three kilometers from the Romanian border. It is a very small village where three nationalities lived. They still live together but today in small number. Romanians, Romas and Hungarians lived in this village. When I was a kid in this small village, it was natural that a man would live his nationality as he was born. When I was fourteen i moved to Budapest,than i realized that to be a gypsy meant something strange, something that people do not understand, or when they meet one, they react with rejection. In my childhood, in my relationships, in the village, in the school, it was a natural thing to be a Gypsy. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why we had a large number of graduates from our family. I do not know yet another village in Hungary where such a large number of Roma would have been going to higher education.

  • 1962 was born to gipsy parents
  • 1962–1976 lived in Bedő (multi-ethnic village)
  • 1976–1980 high school education in Budapest
  • 1980–1990 organized Roma camps
  • 1980–1984 was an instrumentist, a driver and a warehouse
  • 1984–1992 officer in Budapest XIV District government
  • 1990 cc. ceramic small enterprise
  • 1992–2011 journalist in the Hungarian Television
  • 1993–1997 studied a social worker at the Wesley János Theological College
  • 2001 earned degress in social policy
  • 2005 founded Roma Production Bureau Foundation
  • 2011 was dismissed from the Hungarian Television
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