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Jan Soldán (1966)

  Jan  Soldán (1966)
I fell to the very bottom and I found out that I had the most of all

Antirockfest in 1986 in Oskava

“Vlasta Marek was the first and he had a lecture where spoke about space, about plants and all kinds of things. Vlasta Veverka (Otakar Veverka – auth.’s note) played the Spanish guitar for about half an hour, and then the band Extempore, which was the MCH Band at that time, performed. When it started, Mikoláš Chadima said that they arrived from Prague and that since they were not allowed to perform at Rockfest, they would make an Antirockfest instead. Vlasta Marek played there, and Mikoláš Chadima, too, and a bass guitar player whose name I cannot recall. They all played in Extempore and they said that for that day they would call themselves Extempore. Gorleben played their music there, too, and Posádková Hudba Marného Slávy, Orchestr Bissext and Hally Belly. It was excellent, great. The weather was wonderful and they were all lying in the garden in T-shirts or without them. When I saw pictures from it two weeks ago, I was very touched by it. One remembered how perfect it was. Secret cops were staying there in the driveway and pretending to be wedding guests who were listening to the music. They told us that they were wedding guests and we replied that we knew. We made fun of them. At night we grabbed drums and we drummed right in front of them there.”

  • born April 11, 1966 in Libina
  • member of the underground cultural movement, so-called ‘Mánička’
  • organizer of secret underground music festivals
  • January 25, 1986, on the day of his wedding, he organized a music festival in Obědná (Janek’s Wedding)
  • June 24, 1986 organized a so-called Antirockfest festival in Oskava
  • in 1987 organized the Antirockfest in Oskava for the second time
  • under StB surveillance
  • signed Charter 77 in 1987
  • StB tried to force him to leave the country
  • in 2017 living in Uničov
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