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Ing., CSc Erik Navara (1931)

Ing., CSc Erik  Navara (1931)
One needs to earn his living by doing what he enjoys, and not only work in order to earn a living; this makes man unhappy

Election in southern Slovakia in 1954

“I remember one thing about the stupid election, you know. That was how the elections looked like under the communists. It was the year of the election and one day they ordered us all: ‘Everybody get changed into your city clothes and you go to an election meeting in Levice.’ Well, so we had to go. We were led by a non-commissioned officer, he was a chairman of some unified cooperative from some village, and he talked in Hungarian for an hour and a half. Levice is in southern Slovakia, and nearly everyone there spoke Hungarian. We did not understand a word, what a bother. I fell asleep during his speech, of course. And then there was the election. They told us: ‘You will go to vote and each of you will receive a ballot card. One of you will play an accordion and you will place that ballot card into that box so that all can see it.’ There was nothing like a covering screen. The election had to be done in order to manifest this.”

  • born February 24, 1931 in Brno
  • 1938 – journey to the USA – his father exchanges letters with Albert Einstein and submits his proposal to the US Navy for an anti-submarine torpedo
  • 1953 – graduation from the faculty of mining in Ostrava
  • 1968 – internship in Sweden
  • August 1968 – decision for emigration to Sweden
  • 1977–1979 – work in Lusaka in Zambia
  • 1987–2001 – work in Zimbabwe
  • return to the Czech Republic
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