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Georg Kebrle (1938)

  Georg Kebrle (1938)
Never act against your own conviction

We left the country as people without citizenship

“I was allowed to move from Czechoslovakia to Austria with my wife and my son who was fifteen years old at that time, under the condition that I would renounce my Czechoslovak citizenship and all claims against the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. We left the country on September 10, 1980, as people without a nationality, just as it was written in the document which served as an identity card for us: ‘Person of undefined citizenship, temporarily staying in the territory of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.’ We received political asylum in Austria already at the end of October 1980, and then in 1987 we received Austrian citizenship.”

  • born as Jiří Kebrle on November 19, 1938 in Pilsen
  • his father František Kebrle – official of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, arrested in 1949 and sentenced to twelve years of jail with increased supervision based on Act No. 231/1948 Coll., interned in the Jáchymov region and in Leopoldov, released in 1959
  • learnt the trade of an electric machine fitter in the Škoda factory in Pilsen
  • employed as a worker in various companies and as a miner in Karviná and Příbram
  • criminal prosecution for sedition in 1963
  • actively involved in the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party during the period of Prague Spring
  • after the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact armies in August 1968 he emigrated to West Germany, but in 1973 he returned to Czechoslovakia to his family
  • September 1980 – moved to Austria with his wife and son
  • member of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party in exile, member of the central committee of this Party in exile
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