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Lumír Čmerda (1930)

  Lumír Čmerda (1930)
These white hands were digging coal down the mine

Ban on prist´s job

“State authorities decided that I was a too enthusiastic priest so they just have to stop me working. So they thought of pretence and did not approve some items, which were a part of the budget and already approved, but they did not mind at all. The moment I said that the church secretary stole the documents and did not approve the items listed in the budget properly I was kicked out for making fuss and daring to stand up against injustice. When I informed the assembly of church representatives I was going to finish and cannot suffer that stuff anymore and I was losing the state consent, the regional church secretary, who took the consent away from me, he came to the meeting so that he could see how devastated I was and during the break he told me: ,So Mr. Čmerda, what are you going to do? You actually got just your white hands and cannot do anything.‘ And I replied: ,Mr. secretary, before I was a priest, I was digging coal in the mine in Karviná and these hand were making nine thousand crowns a month, compared to my priest salary of 740 crowns. I could just easily go back to those thousands I earned before.“

  • 13th November, 1930 born in Pilsen
  • studied evangelic theological faculty
  • taken away the state agreement in 1950s
  • worked in Ostrava as a fine artist in the Park of culture and relaxation
  • 1973–1980 – a priest in the church of St. Nicolas at the Old Town square
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