Memory of Nation


RNDr. Marie Chaloupská, roz. Kašparová (1933)

RNDr. Marie Chaloupská, roz. Kašparová (1933)
The human race is incorrigible, but life is worth it

Encounter with a German soldier

“Trains were constantly not running, because there were air raids almost every day, but my father who was a teacher, believed that it was not possible that I would not have education and miss school which was far away, and thus I had to go there. But I thought to myself that I would make the walk shorter, why take a detour, and so I would simply walk straight there. I always had quite a good sense of orientation even since I was a little girl, and so I headed in the straight directions. Girls stayed in Bohuslavice and I started walking alone on a path between fields. It was already in the middle of April 1945 and suddenly a German solder, a young boy, was standing in front of me. I remember that he was really a youngster. He shouted at me: ‘Halt! Wohin gehst du?’ He asked where I was going. I said that I was on my way from school and that I was walking home. He looked around to see if there was somebody there but he didn’t see anybody and he slapped me on my face really hard and he told me in German: ‘If you ever say to anyone that you saw me here, I will shoot you and I will shoot all of you.’ And he told me to go away. I was crying. I reached home and I have really never said about this to anyone in my life; actually I only said it to my grandchildren.”

  • geologist, nicknamed The First Lady of Czech Geology
  • born November 12, 1933 in Horní Věžnice near Polná
  • her father Bohumír Kašpar was a teacher, he was dismissed from his job for religious reasons shortly before his retirement
  • lived in Slavětín near Nové Město nad Metují and in Náchod
  • graduated from hydrology and engineering geology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague
  • married RNDr. Josef Chaloupský in 1956, they had two sons: Jan and Petr
  • she lived in Iraq for two years and experienced the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War while there, then one year in Cuba and four months in Norway
  • worked in construction geology and later in Geofond, but she was dismissed from her job due to her publicly condemning the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968
  • unable to find a job, was supposed to start working as a shop assistant in a dairy shop, but eventually she worked as a geologist on the construction of the Prague metro for twenty-five years
  • now living in Prague
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