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Evženie Hamplová (1933)

  Evženie  Hamplová (1933)
Children grew up very quickly during the war

Dead Soviet soldiers with stars carved into their faces were brought into their house

“Soviet soldiers were passing through villages and forcibly collecting deliveries from the people. From time to time they encountered some group of Bandera’s soldiers and there were shooting incidents, too. One day, there was a gunfight near Libánovka behind Pugačevka, and four soldiers were then taken to us. Radio operators told me to come and have a look, and so I, a thirteen-year-old girl, went there. They placed them on planks on the table, with their heads next to each other. They had stars carved into their faces, and their hands and legs were pierced through, and one of them even had a slightly scalped head. It was not nice. Grandma was angry at them that they brought them into our house. She then rushed to the military command and she argued that we already had a hospital in our house, and so why not a morgue, too, and why could not they place them in some other place in the village, and why they had to send all of them just to the Hajný family. But she did not accomplish anything by that. She went to Máslenka and she made a fuss that she did not want to have them there because we had to walk around those corpses and wait until their families were notified and buried them.”

  • born December 30, 1933 in Dorohostaje in the Dubno governorate in Volhynia
  • her father Václav Hajný worked as an accountant in a kolkhoz
  • the family was hiding Jews
  • Soviet officer Mikhail Suchobokov was shot to death by Bandera’s soldiers in their house
  • her father was a member of the resistance organization Blaník
  • her father served in the Military Defence Intelligence (OBZ) of the Czechoslovak Army Corps
  • the family re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia in 1947
  • worked as a nurse in the hospital in Šumperk
  • her husband Miroslav Hampl was a political prisoner
  • her brother Vladimír Hajný signed Charter 77
  • in 2017 living in Šumperk
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