Memory of Nation


Ing. Václav Herrmann (1944)

Ing. Václav  Herrmann (1944)
When I see a ploughed furrow behind me, I am satisfied

Property left behind by Germans and the collectivization process

“In order to come back to what I said: that the people did not get it for free. When they came to some farm, an inventory of all property and cattle was done, and it all remained there, even furniture, for instance, and household equipment, but those people then had an obligation to pay it off in installments. Well, and those who were not successful in farming, then did not have money to pay it off, and so they stopped paying entirely, and the joining of an unified agricultural cooperative was kind of a deliverance for them. Dad did not join the cooperative, and so they – as people used to say – expropriated us. They took everything from us, they took everything away. They took away all our farming tools, apart from two machines, I think- one was a cutting machine, a horse-drawn machine, and then some rollers, I believe. My father had receipts for these two machines to prove that he had bought them himself and that he paid with his own money. But all the other things… since they had been left behind by the Germans, as they claimed, it was all taken away, including the cattle.”

  • born in 1944
  • from a farmer’s family
  • the family worked on a farm which was left behind by deported Germans after WWII
  • the family became victims of the collectivization process after the rise of communists to power
  • study of agriculture at a college
  • served as the mayor of Žerčice after 1989
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