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Professor MUDr., DrSc. Josef Koutecký (1930)

Professor MUDr., DrSc. Josef Koutecký (1930)
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Beginnings of the child oncology clinic in the Czechoslovakia

“From the department a Child Oncology Clinic was established, the only one of its kind in the Czechoslovakia. So we were treating children from all of the state with a terrible lack of everything – space, beds, medicine and equipment, under really terrible conditions. Those children only had a hallway, when they did not have to lie down. They were playing in the hall, they ate in the hall, all visits took place there too. They were lying in two sharing a single bed; some infants were in a pram as we had no little bed. Or we had only a mattress for them to sleep on the ground. And we said to the children, although it was all prohibited, whether they had any relatives abroad or friends, who would smuggle medicine for them, the cytostatic kind. With children it is an advantage that the dosage is calculated based on the body surface or according to weight and they are really small. So using the bottle we could not keep open for very long time, we could also treat the children without any relatives abroad. And when we asked for an extra import, it normally took two, three or four months and during that time the metastasis appeared with the child. So too often we sadly got a treatment only after the child was dead.”

  • born on 31st August, 1930 in Prague, Karlov
  • 1955 – graduated at the Faculty of general medicine of the Charles University
  • 1957 – began working at the Clinic of Paediatrics of the Paediatric Faculty, the Charles University in Prague
  • 1964 – specialised in child oncology
  • 1978 – Head of the Department of Child Oncology at the Faculty Hospital in Motol
  • 1983 – appointed the headmaster of the established Clinic of Child Oncology
  • 1987 – appointed a professor
  • 1990–1997 and 2000–2016 – the dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Prague
  • 1997–2000 – vice-rector of the Charles University
  • high-schoop professor, an author of a number of books and expert publications
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