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Jaroslav Krušina (1936)

  Jaroslav Krušina (1936)
Know the working environment

How did I get to the Luke Quartet

The Luce Quartet was founded on February 13, 1964. At the time when I went to the industry, I went to school to play the symphony orchestra after school. I played in it since its founding - first it was called the Slany Philharmonic Association and it was under the ČKD Racing Club. I went there for about 12 years with the interruption of the war. I am actually a founding member, even though I was the youngest. I stayed there for five years. Láďa Snop has replaced me. He was an older man, we knew the orchestra. The other violinist was Franz Hofman, but he left before me. Then he apologized, with Ladislav Čepelák having a lot of work. They exchanged it for Tonda Lachman. He taught here on the stallion. When V. V. Štech received honorary citizenship, the quartet played him. At the ceremony we played in the hall on stage. Then there was a reception in the foyer. There was a big table there, the professor was at his head, the quartet was on his left and we played him in his ears. The old man got great graphics from Čepelák, Corvin made a diploma with the inscription, also the town of Slaný, but the organizers forgot Corvin invited.

  • born in December 18th, 1936 in Bakov
  • Beřovický statek
  • Sgrafita
  • Childhood in Beřovice
  • School in Slaný
  • ČKD Slaný
  • CKD School
  • Evening Industrial School
  • Slany Philharmonic Association
  • Antonin Leopold - High School Professor
  • Ladislav Čepelák - academic painter
  • Jiří Corvin - academic painter
  • Jaroslav Krušina - musician and photographer
  • Luze Quartet
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