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Jaroslav Hrdina (1945)

  Jaroslav Hrdina (1945)
My parents were literally heroes and they deserve admiration for what they have achieved

Eviction of the family

“To put it simply, the political regime planned the delivery quotas in such a way that they were impossible to meet; it was unthinkable to be able to produce such an amount. When it was then not possible to meet the quotas, newspapers wrote about them as enemies of the regime, as those who cause damage and prevent the development of socialist agriculture. It even went so far that father was sent to the court in Lanškroun, which was a district town at that time, and he was sentenced to three months. Mom with us - five little children - had to keep the farm by herself, under brutal conditions, although some relatives tried to help us a bit. Unfortunately, the court sentence said that we had to be evicted, and it happened on June 12, 1953. Father thus got the unconditional sentence of three months of imprisonment, and he worked on the construction of some reservoir near Křižanov, near Seč. And when he returned we only had the most basic things, some clothes to wear... What happened was unique: I think that we were not even allowed to take a radio or a bicycle with us.”

  • born on May 18, 1945
  • after 1948, his father was sentenced as a kulak to three months of imprisonment
  • the family was evicted to a state farm near Hluboká nad Vltavou
  • in 1966 the family moved to eastern Bohemia
  • blacksmith by trade, worked in the Unified Agricultural Cooperatives in Boharyně and Humburky
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