Memory of Nation


Vedunka Stehlíková Režná (1927)

 Vedunka Stehlíková Režná (1927)
My father’s legacy stayed always with me

Solitary confinement

“I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. When you’re in solitary confinement, you don’t know where your dad is, you don’t know where your mum is, you don’t know what’ll happen to you, you don’t know anything. I really did beat my head against the wall. When I was in the cooler, they gave me corn cakes and some dirty water that stood for soup. I threw that all into the toilet, so I grew terribly thin. The only thing in my cell was the toilet, which I blocked up. So they have to move me from the one cell to another, another solitary one. It was really dreadful. You know, the worst was that you weren’t afraid for yourself, you worried about your relatives - you don’t know where everyone is, you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what happened to your mum, what happened to your dad - it was terrible. After about two more days they decided it was unsustainable to keep my in the cooler any longer, so they chucked me in among the women. There were six of us there, and I spent almost a week there. The girls got some food or packages from their families, I didn’t get anything, of course. Our Czechs kept back, of course, they didn’t even know what had happened to us; they had an idea we were locked up, but what...”

  • born 22 April 1927 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1928, moved to Belgrade
  • 1932, moved to Sarajevo
  • 1941, her father supplied military intelligence to the Allies
  • 1944, her father was arrested by the Gestapo and was not heard from again
  • 1945, she and her mother were arrested by the Gestapo
  • end of the war in devastated Sarajevo; searched for her father - discovered he had died in Dachau
  • returned to Czechoslovakia by the first repatriation transport
  • life in a new country
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