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Alois Grůz (1926)

 Alois Grůz (1926)
When he returned from Nazi imprisonment, my father looked so terrible that I was afraid of him

His father’s return from Nazi prison

“He came home weighing thirty-five kilos. I was afraid of him, and I didn’t come home for several days. I stayed at my grandma’s. I was afraid of him because I was stressed out. You could see his bones coming out. He also had stomach ulcers, which didn’t help either. When he was interned in Poland, he worked at a tannery, so he told me how they washed the leather in chlorinated lime to get the hairs to come off. They washed it in the solution to have just the clean leather. Dad said all his fingernails came off from it. They didn’t have any gloves. He was there for about half a year.”

  • born 21 November 1926 in Zborov
  • his father was imprisoned for three and a half years for listening to foreign radio
  • the family farm was confiscated by the German Settlement Company
  • supported the partisan group Jiskra (Spark) from Zborov
  • employed as a bus driver at ČSAD
  • from 1951, lives in Horní Studénky
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