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Judith Königsberg, roz. Marosi (1929)

 Judith Königsberg, roz. Marosi (1929)
We have to go to Israel because we survived

Arriving in Palestine

“Our captain spoke into a megaphone, saying we were getting very close, another day or two and we would be in Tel Aviv. Everyone was full of eagerness, how amazing it would be, there was dancing and so on. Suddenly we saw a plane overhead, it was circling above us, and the shlichim immediately said that was bad. That those were the English and that they what and who it was. So we didn’t go to Haifa, but to Tel Aviv instead, and an English boat approached us and started: ‘You must go to Haifa, this is illegal, you cannot go to Israel...’ But we were dancing, the idealists that we were, and we said: ‘No one can stop us, they can’t tell us anything, we have to go to Israel because we survived...’ It was no use; we sailed to Haifa, and from there they took us to Cyprus. We spent twenty-two months in Cyprus, shut up like in a concentration camp.”

  • born 29 October 1929 in Nitra, into a Jewish Zionist family
  • lived in Nové Zámky with her parents and her younger sister
  • joined Makabi ha-cair as a child
  • March 1944, sent to the ghetto in Nové Zámky
  • May 1944, deported with her parents to Auschwitz
  • after a brief period, transferred to Bergen-Belsen with her mother and sister
  • April 1945, liberated in Bergen-Belsen; her father died in the war
  • May 1945, returned to Nitra with her mother and sister
  • summer 1945, Hachshara with Makabi ha-cair in Bratislava
  • April 1946, illegal departure with a group of Zionists headed to Palestine
  • from spring 1947 to January 1949, held in an internment camp in Cyprus
  • January 1949, arrived in Israel
  • has lived in Ha-Chotrim Kibbutz ever since
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