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Ján Slovenčák (1955)

 Ján Slovenčák (1955)
Not a common man, but the regime should be ashamed

Harsh practices towards political prisoners

“The prison practices were harsh. The guards were cruel to political prisoners. Even murderers were treated in much better way than a common man who didn´t do anything. There were cases, when people just mentioned emigration in pubs, and they were already arrested for that. Not speaking, that those people had never got even close to the borders. Some guards literally behaved meanly just because we were political prisoners. And we had nothing in common with politics. They gave us a cover name: Head 1 – opponents of the state. In Czechoslovakia there were officially never present any political prisoners. All regime´s representatives denied a fact there were political prisoners. I only remember names of my two co-prisoners: Jurenka and Jožko Nedeľka. I would love to meet Jožko Nedeľka from Piešťany once again. He helped me spiritually very much. It is a good man, very respectable gentleman. I had gloomy thoughts in the prison and he prevented me from doing something stupid. He said the communists were expecting me to hang myself and that more I would be resistant, harder it´d get for the communists. And that´s how it really was.”

  • was born on October 11, 1955 in Bratislava
  • in 1974 enlisted in the military service
  • there he experienced unfair treatment and bullying, what led him to emigrate
  • in 1977 illegally emigrated to the West, to Munich
  • on his return journey to Czechoslovakia he was detained at the borders because of invalid visa and he was sentenced to one year imprisonment
  • in 1980 for the second time he tried to cross borders in Devín, unsuccessfully
  • 1980 – 1981 - due to his health issues he was investigated out of prison
  • he has lived in Bratislava up to the present
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