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Emilie Konečná (1933)

 Emilie Konečná (1933)
We heard screams and saw the smoke from the burning houses

Helping a Jewish woman and trouble with the Banderites

“Then came the horror, when they started murdering the Jews. So he and his son disappeared, and she alone would come in the night and knock on our door. We were terribly afraid because if anyone saw it, we could be executed. It was a horrible situation, but then she disappeared, she stopped coming. We have no idea what happened to her, because we were so terribly afraid. The Banderites had us in their sights because we were Czechs. We had awful trouble with them - they would come in the night, wake us up, and Dad would have to go to the smithy to shoe their horses. Mum sewed them these white clothes and coats so they wouldn’t be visible in the winter. They also came to us for food. So we were under constant surveillance.”

  • born 3 March 1933 in the village of Koryta in Volhynia, formerly part of Poland (now Ukraine)
  • Volhynian Czech
  • during WW2, the family helped a persecuted Jewish woman
  • 13 July 1943, relatives murdered in Český Malín
  • witnessed the Banderites wreak havoc in Volhynia
  • 1947, the family remigrated to Czechoslovakia
  • settled down in Petrov nad Desnou
  • as of 2017, lives in Bludov
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