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Ladislav Žížala (1929)

  Ladislav Žížala (1929)
I think back fondly on every period of my life

Supervised breeding during the First Republic

“We had what was called supervised breeding of cattle... supervised breeding of pigs... supervised breeding of hens... which was good money... because an assistant of the company would visit us every month, that was back in the First Republic... and every cow had a birth certificate... it had a chart in the shed, with its name on it, where its milk yield was recorded; fat content was checked, and calves were chosen based on the results of the breeding cow, and those were sold at auctions... it was awfully advantageous.”

  • born 4 November 1929 in Skalice near Benešov
  • his parents were farmers
  • his father died when he was two years old and his mother married again soon after
  • 1940-1948, attended grammar school in Benešov
  • 1948-1950, trained as a glazier in Železný Brod
  • worked as a glazier for four years
  • moved to Týnec nad Sázavou with his wife
  • 1954-1992, worked at Jawa
  • 1983-1985, Delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Trade to Moscow
  • has loved painting since he was a child
  • as of 2017, lives in Týnec nad Sázavou, where he is a respected historian
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