Memory of Nation


Ilja Racek (1930)

 Ilja Racek (1930)
I lived in mutual antagonism with the Bolshevik for years

Shooting in Karlín School

“The school, which I had attended as a boy, was seized by the Germans towards the end of the war. They were shooting from out of the turret, and several brave Karlíners were shooting at them. My father’s friend was killed by a German bullet there. I first saw a dead man with a hole in his forehead there. So there was shooting there - in Karlín in forty-five. Then the tables turned, the war was over, the school had served as a warehouse for the German army. They had winter equipment there, fur hats, vests, felt boots. That got all thrown out, of course, and the brave Czechoslovaks took it for themselves.”

  • born 24 June 1930 in Prague
  • graduated from the State Conservatoire in Prague
  • from 1950, employed by the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc
  • interrogated by State Security for being in touch with a friend who tried to emigrate
  • assigned to forced labour in the AEC during mandatory military service
  • from 1960, performed at E. F. Burian Theatre and then at Vinohrady Theatre (Prague)
  • only member of Vinohrady Theatre to refuse to sign the “Anti-Charter”
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