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Janis Pataridis (1937)

  Janis Pataridis (1937)
The Red Cross. They were wonderful people!

Mother's execution

“And so they found the weapons – they brought men from the village and they had to demolish our wall and they pulled out all the weapons which were hidden there. Dad was still in Greece, he was hiding, he was an illegal official in the [Communist] Party. So they arrested mom. Mom was in some other place, and my brother and I were not at home, either. They said that if my mom did not show up, they would shoot my two sisters who were there. They terrified us. I was a little boy at that time. They arrested mom and they took her to Thessaloniki. There was a court trial. The trial was later transferred to Kilkis, a district town. We were going there with my sister, she was sixteen – she was always taking me with her so that my mom would see me. Or so that I would see mom? She was on a balcony on the third floor, she saw me from that ‘tower,’ but we could not even speak to each other, such was the situation there. Then one day the older sister came there and the prisoners told her that they had taken her to an execution site. So they executed mom.”

  • born on 1st February 1937 in Greece
  • his parents were members of the Greek resistance movement against the Nazis and after WWII they joined communist partisans
  • his father was killed in combat and their mother was executed
  • he and his brother got to their uncle in Yugoslavia and later to Czechoslovakia
  • subsequently stayed in six children’s homes in Czechoslovakia
  • graduated from the Czech Technical university (ČVUT), still living in Prague
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