Memory of Nation


Ľubomír Vacek (1932)

 Ľubomír Vacek (1932)
Money can do anything, but acquaintances even more so

Dangerous hiding of people

“During the Second World War, in our house there were hidden Jews as well as some Moravians from Hodonín, who were sentenced to death penalty from political reasons. They weren´t just hiding, but my father employed them, and provided them with necessary identification papers and documents. So they worked there. I didn´t know that though. I was only a little boy – ten years old. He didn´t tell me anything about them as being Moravians or so. I just knew her name was Zuzka, another one´s Anka, and the man was called Juraj. And those weren´t their real names either.”

  • born in 1932 in Hlohovec
  • studied at grammar school in Hlohovec
  • strongly affected by generous help of his father during the WWII and his involvement in the Slovak National Uprising
  • happened to be an unreliable person for the communist regime
  • spent his military service in Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP)
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