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Emil Adamčík (1938)

 Emil Adamčík (1938)
A man can be stupid, but he must be lucky

A man has to be lucky

“Just a little while I was free and the Russians were here already, I got back to prison again. Fortunately, their commander was somehow a bit ˈlenientˈ and he said: 'Watch out for our chief as he is an old Stalinist. Don't talk like that…' and I tell you, the members had to use some power – 100 crowns fee and for worn out tires another 100 crowns. Then they let me go. That's why I say many times that a man can be stupid, but he must be lucky.”

  • born in 1938 in Červeník
  • studied to become a lathe operator
  • at first he tried unsuccessfully to emigrate to Austria
  • under the excuse of vacation in Cuba he wanted to emigrate to Canada
  • tried to emigrate to the USA through Poland, but he got caught
  • was imprisoned for attempts to escape
  • got divorced because of the emigration, but after a year he remarried his wife
  • had a work injury due to which he lost his eye
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