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Mgr. Ivana Škarvadová (1942)

Mgr. Ivana Škarvadová (1942)
Life is too short to waste it

End of the war

“I cannot tell you the precise day when my mom and I returned, but it was certainly before 8th May, because the war ended on 8th May and the Russians, who had their camp on that playground, obviously celebrated this quite loudly and happily by shooting in the air from everything they had. The shooting was like thunder. I was a little over three years old at that time and dad took me out from the bed or couch that I was sleeping on and he partly pulled away the blackout curtains and he told me: ‘Ivuška, the war is over.’ And this still arouses emotions in me, although so many years have already passed. That image, when the playground was ablaze with lights, and the shooting - I still have it stored in my memory and nobody can get it away from me, I can still see it, although I was three years old. That was my experience from the war.”

  • born March 6, 1942
  • 1956–1959 – study at Matiční Grammar School in Ostrava
  • 1959 – she was not admitted for study in Brno, although she had successfully passed the entrance exams
  • graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Ostrava, majoring in music, Russian language and geography
  • 1964 – her first teaching job
  • married Tomáš Pavlica, they have three children
  • personally participated in the events of August 1968 at the Ostrava city hall
  • married her second husband Zdeněk Škarvada
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