Memory of Nation


Eugen Brikcius (1942)

  Eugen Brikcius (1942)
I lived all my life as a free man in an illiberal world

A police intervention at a happening

“Then I set up beers at Kampa. This was already interesting since the police intervened. This was in 1967, there was no Prague Spring in sight and no signs that it would arrive. The situation was getting better but it was still a totalitarian regime with everything that it takes. I ignored it. I did not want any confrontation. It was at Kampa, there were not many people. I invited people. My premise was that when beer was distributed in a pub, there was a level of beers. Political noise was made by those who drank the beer. And when you think them away, you have only a level of beers that can be transported anywhere, to a crossroads or to a park. The beers stood there, it was raining so they stood in puddles. They reflected. It has several levels to it. The police came. They did not arrest anybody then. They just took down names and dissolved the event. Banned it.”

  • Born on August 30, 1942, in Prague
  • Not accepted to university
  • He studied philosophy and languages in private, wrote poetry
  • In the late 1960s he started organising happenings in Prague
  • His performances, attended by many people, were seen as provocations by the State Police
  • In 1973 sentenced to eight months in prison for singing, while drunk, songs that the court took to be denigration of the Soviet Union
  • Worked on several positions as a labourer
  • One of the first signatories of Charter 77
  • A constant pressure from the State Police made him emigrate to Austria, where he worked in an organisation helping emigrants
  • Studied philosophy in London
  • Has lived in Czech Republic and Austria since 1989
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