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Marie Vaculíková (1925)

  Marie Vaculíková (1925)
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Ludvík Vaculík at 4th Convention of Writers

“He didn’t tell Ivan Klíma and his closest friends. They only agreed who would criticise what. Vaculík didn’t tell them. He knew they would not let him. He went beyond all limits. When he was writing the statement, it was without their knowledge. The Convention had already started and he was still writing. They sent a taxi, urging him to come that it was his turn already. I asked him: ‘What is it that you are writing?’ I sensed he was rather excited. And he replied: ‘What you’ve told me for the past twenty years.’ I immediately knew that it would be dangerous. Then the taxi took him away and there was the scandal indeed.”

  • Born on November 25, 1925, in Spešov near Blansko
  • Primary school in Spešov, secondary school in Blansko
  • Apprentice in Baťa factory in Zlín, where she met Ludvík Vaculík
  • After raid on Zlín in 1944 transferred to a plant in Zruč nad Sázavou
  • After the war serving as an educator, first in the frontier region, then in Prague
  • 1949 Married Ludvík Vaculík, they had sons Martin, Ondřej and Jan
  • In the 1960s worked as a correspondent in Czechoslovakian Radio, then worked in marital counselling
  • Since the 1960s, she and her husband were followed by the State Police
  • Her husband's speech on the Fourth Convention of Writers (1967), author of 2,000 Words (1968), editor of the samizdat edition Petlice, editor of the declaration of Charter 77
  • Since the 1970s organisation of dissident meetings in their villa in Dobřichovice
  • Two books of letters to Jiří Kolář, a book interview with Pavel Kosatík
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