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František Pakandl (1943)

  František  Pakandl (1943)
Everyone has to rely on himself

In May 1945 bombs at Vitana in Byšice were not thrown by the Americans, but the Russians

“The bombs they threw on Vitana, the communists used to say that Americans were responsible for it, for throwing them down. But these were Russian. But I already knew that a long time ago, as my father told me that the grandad, who lived here, where the farm was, now owned by the carpenter Válek. We were there. It was the number 129, and my great grandad and grandad were there. There was the machinery workshop. So grandad told him about the times they threw the bombs on Vitana´s reception. There were people gathered as a row of Germans was passing by and those people lined up and the Russians threw the bomb down and killed them all. And my old dad used to say those were no Americans, but Russians as he could see the red star on the wings. So I knew that when I was a little boy, that they did it. But you could not say that to anyone, that the Russians were responsible. I did know back then though. As my father told me that his father told him how he watched them fly over, he heard the noise as they were flying terribly low and he could see the red stars.“

  • a machinist, a car mechanic and a racer
  • born on 2 August, 1943 in Poříčí nad Sázavou
  • grandfather and the father were machinists and car mechanics
  • during collectivisation the car workshop was closed
  • in his military card labelled the son of enterpreneur
  • collector of unique veteran cars and motorcycles
  • brother Karel Pakandl served at PTP
  • at the age of six he and his brother found the drowned Josef Nežerka, the cook of Jan Masaryk
  • in 1990s he founded his own petrol station with a car workshop
  • nowadays lives in Byšice
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