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Miloš Horanský (1932)

  Miloš Horanský (1932)
It sends chills down my spine when I hear today ‘Czech lands to Czechs’

Deportation of friend Ebebe

“Well, like this Gypsy friend Ebebe, the shepherd. We loved him, he was older than us and he was cute. He had a hunchback, and he was a very unusual guy, he had a strong massive head, and he was slightly crazy, and very cheerful, slightly mysterious and he had a suggestive influence on us children and he was actually a kind of a leader for us. You know, a gang of children always has some leader, and this Ebebe... Well, he had a speech disorder. Mostly, when he was grazing sheep, he would be saying: ‘E be e be be.’ He spoke to the sheep, and he called them: ‘Be be.’ You know, the sound sheep make, like ‘baa, baa.’ A herd of sheep was passing by and bleating ‘be be,’ and he was repeating ‘E be E be be.’ He was as if talking to them and speaking to them like this and we thus started calling him Ebebe; I don’t even know what his real name was. But in a friendly way, we gave him this nickname Ebebe. And then he received the notice. He was dressed in festive clothes. He did not know where he was going. A lorry arrived, there was a poultry coop and stairs, and the Gypsies and Jews were climbing up those stairs and they were being taken to a camp. And we, children, were standing down there and crying and saying: ‘Ebebe, Ebebe.’ We said farewell to him, and made the sign of the cross, and we cried, and our Ebebe left. We have never seen him again. So this was our friend Ebebe.”

  • born in 1932 in Slovakia
  • met the Slovak president Jozef Tiso when he was a child
  • after the rise od Hlinka’s Slovak People’s Party to power his family had to leave Slovakia
  • studied theatre directing at DAMU in Prague and JAMU in Brno
  • actively involved in the Club of Committed Non-Party Members in 1968
  • worked in theatres in Nový Jičín, Ostrava, Opava, Prague, Cheb, Liberec and Kladno
  • apart from theatre activity he is also an author, writing mainly poems
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